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We need to know exact conviction to determine expungement possibility. There should not be a problem with the expungement. We do three per week. We do the difficult expungements. Please call to discus ...Read more

Yes -- it's called theft.  Depending on the value of the item, it could be a misdemeanor or it could be a felony. 

The second defendant can still be found guility.  However, hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney would be helpful in negotiating a possible dismissal for the second defendant it would howeve ...Read more

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Camden Criminal Lawyers Discuss Police Misconduct in New Jersey

Police misconduct is a major issue across the nation. Major cases have recently shed a nationwide light on this problem. Police brutality in New Jersey is just as much of an issue as it is elsewhere. ... Read more

Camden Criminal Lawyer Discusses the Process of Criminal Charges in New Jer

Criminal Charges: Initial Arrest and WarrantsWhen charged with a crime in New Jersey, it is important for the defendant to understand their rights and the procedures that they must go through in order ... Read more

Tents can be treated like any other residence for protection against search

Did you know that you are presumed to have the same level of privacy expectation in a zipped up tent –regardless of whether you are on private land or public land – as you are presumed to ... Read more

Camden Criminal Lawyer: Wrongfully Convicted Man Released from Prison

After spending eight years in prison, a man who was wrongfully convicted of a quadruple homicide as a teenager is finally going home. The man, now aged 23, was convicted in 2008 after giving a false c ... Read more

How do I get a court appointed lawyer?

Q: Charged with sex offense. My “lawyer” is threatening to withdraw his appearance 2 months before trial. I hired my lawyer because I was accused of some serious child molestation charges ... Read more

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