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The letter you received saying that you have 20 days within which to pay a $200 settlement, as a result of shoplifting at Walmart, is a civil law matter.  It does not pertain to your criminal cas ...Read more

There are numerous criminal defense attorneys who have payment plans.  However, most of the criminal defense attorneys of which I'm aware require a initial retainer to be paid at the time of ente ...Read more

If you successfully completed the deferred setnence, and all of the charges were ultimately dismissed, you can go on the state judicial website and pull down the "self help" menu and locate the "seal ...Read more

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Domestic Violence designation requires a specific reason for act

Domestic violence offenses fall into two categories. One category is an offense that includes violence or a threat of violence – so assaults and physical harassment offenses. The other category ... Read more

Domestic Violence offenses

In Colorado, for an offense to be classified as a “domestic violence” offense, the alleged victim has to be one that the person charged with an offense was in an “intimate relationsh ... Read more

Can I beat this?

Q: I was pulled over for out registration and police call tow truck driver for a tow. Police officer said he would take inventory of car so I could grab what I need but never did because he also was r ... Read more

Will I get jail time for first-time probation violation?

Q: I was in subway with friend and they got into a fight. I was pulled in middle of situation but, didn’t have anything to do with me. We both were arrested. Now I go to court. I didn’t st ... Read more

Will I go to jail for a first offense misdemeanor?

Q: I walked on train tracks and Port Authority police were called because I was told to get off due to a trolley coming. I got off but got back on after it passed. I was depressed and confused. They t ... Read more

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