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Many people are falsely accused and arrested.  Unfortunately, innocent people also are sometimes convicted.  Consequently, the best legal advice I can give for your wife is that she needs to ...Read more

Since you are going outside the trial transcript you must file a Writ of Habeas Corpus. A direct appeal is limited to the trial transcript and any motions that were denied. But once you claim IAC you ...Read more

Yes.  And if arrested or even questioned by police, she should ask for a lawyer and make no statements.

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Can I just take my dad out of the home?

Q: My Dad was put in a home by someone who is no relation and she signed papers so I have no rights. Can't I just take him home with me? I am his only daughter (both at a biological & legal sta ... Read more

Should I talk to the police. They said if I do they will close the case

Q: I was accused of a crime. The police said they need my written statement to close the case but don’t want to arrest me. Your advice please? They want statements from my wife and friend and sa ... Read more

How do I fill out Expungement form 790?

Q: I have an Expungement in Westmoreland County after completing ARD. I received the Petition for Expungement form 790 from the Westmoreland County Clerk of Courts, as they have been helpful in gui ... Read more

College and University Disciplinary Hearings: The Importance of Creating a Record - Advice from an Education Law Attorney

As an education law attorney, I have dealt with disciplinary hearings. What many students may not know is that it is best to get an education lawyer involved at the beginning of the case. I am curre ... Read more

OPM Disability Retirement under FERS or CSRS: Duplicative Duplicity

We can lie to others; others can deceive us; one can persuade oneself of a falsehood in order to live a deception; and we may even be able to persuade others, despite knowing the truth, to tell a li ... Read more

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