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First off, I'm sorry you find yourself in this situation.  It's always hard when a family member gets in trouble.  Unfortunately, all the police need to CHARGE someone is one witness (the 'v ...Read more

First off, you did the right thing by not talking to the police.  You also did the right thing by not testifying before the grand jury.  Grand juries routinely will meet multiple times on th ...Read more

My suggestion is to contact your lawyer and discuss your concerns.  Communication issues are the #1 reason why such relationships break down.  Your lawyer should be able to answer all of you ...Read more

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Employment Law in Massachusetts: What Out-of-Staters Need to Know

Massachusetts is known for having in place a multitude of laws governing the employment relationship. Over the past few years, Massachusetts has expanded the rights and protections of employees throu ... Read more

Camden Juvenile Criminal Lawyer Discusses Affluenza and Minors Criminally Charged

Minors who grew up well off may not have all of the world’s advantages in their corner. New studies have shown that those who grew up in a higher status area are at the highest risk for what is ... Read more

Orange County Company Charged with Prevailing Wage Fraud

The Department of Industrial Relations and the Orange County District Attorney announced that they have charged an Orange County company with multiple felony counts of failing to pay employees prevail ... Read more

Can my husband get out on nominal bond?

Q: My husband has been arrested for 180 days. Is he entitled for release on nominal bail?It is not a capital case. However he filed omnibus pretrial motion about 2 months ago. His lawyer refused to ... Read more

What to expect in a Personal Injury Trial

There are a lot of legal TV shows ranging from Judge Judy to Law & Order. Must of what you will see in an actual personal injury trial is much less exciting and entertaining that what you will see ... Read more

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