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The US Department of Justice is very concerned about video piracy and other intellectual property cybercrimes. There are two basic types of video piracy: acquiring an illegal copy of a film, and distr ...Read more

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He can only be convicted of what he is charged with.  If he was charged with burglary, and convicted of burglary, he could be sentenced under the burglary statute he was charged under. &nbsp ...Read more

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Can I get my Retail Theft charge expunged?

Q: Will attending the ASI course in Allegheny County get the charge and fingerprints expunged or just dismissed. What is required to get the first retail theft charge and fingerprints (of a 17 year ... Read more

Can I get taken off probation early?

Q: I have a 3 year probation sentence and currently into my 20th month with no violations. What are the chances of my probation officer petitioning for my early release. I have not been violated on ... Read more

OPM Disability Retirement under FERS or CSRS: Avoiding emotional identification

We all do it, to one extent or another; doctors who deal with terminal children or relegated to the emergency floors; patients who must see the foreboding grief in the eyes of family members who hav ... Read more

Mandatory Minimums - Their time is up!

You’ve heard the story before: A 20-year-old kid, struggling to afford rent with his minimum wage job, takes up an offer from a friend of a friend to help transport “product” ... Read more

Marijuana DUI: Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana

Everyone knows what DUI stands for: Driving Under the Influence. What they may not know is that unlike other crimes, a DUI charge does not require mental intent to violate the law. Under C ... Read more

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