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You need to get that information to your fiance's lawyer. By itself, the text message and online message are likely inadmissible. However, a good lawyer may be able to obtain additional discovery that ...Read more

There is a difference between filing a motion to suppress a statement/confession and successfully suppressing it.  Based on the factual scenario you presented, you may have sufficient legal groun ...Read more

If you wrote back checks, you will be charged and prosecuted.

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Can I be arrested for using my ex’s credit cards?

Q: Can I be arrested or go to jail for using a debit card of my ex-lover for bills, even though he gave me permission to use it? My married ex-lover gave me his debit card to use to pay my car payment ... Read more

Can the Commonwealth make me testify?

Q: As a Commonwealth witness, can I be incarcerated indefinitely because I refuse to testify in a criminal case in Pennsylvania? The Assistant District Attorney wants to revoke bail for the other witn ... Read more

Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Lawyers – Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Experienced Rancho Cucamonga Criminal Defense Lawyers The experienced Rancho Cucamonga criminal defense attorneys at Schwartzberg & Luther, APC provide zealous defense of those charged with aggrav ... Read more

How does pleading not guilty by mental illness or defect work?

Q: If my boyfriend was having a schizophrenic episode and did cocaine because he currently thought he was the president and was around a really bad influence. We were able to get him help but he was o ... Read more

Can I take my plea deal back at big court?

Q.        Can a plea bargain at the preliminary hearing level be taken back if I signed it? I was charged with 2nd DUI on the 2nd tier, and also child endangerment a ... Read more

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