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Can I get proff of my traffic violation from the cameras above the street lights?

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I was one third of a car length stopped over a solid white line at a red stop light. I was also asked to be searched because I was moving to get my registration to the car which I keep under the seat because my glove box is broken and does not open. I never consented to the search until the cop bribed me saying if I step out of the vehicle to be searched he would let me go if I had nothing on me. So I did but he then said he was going to search my car and I said no your not searching my car and he slammed me on my car put me in handcuffs and put me in the backseat of the police car. Then he searched my car. Does the search exceed the stop? And can I get proof from the camera above the street light at the stop light I was acussed of a traffic violation?
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Answered on Mar 09th, 2017 at 3:26 PM

My experience is that many traffic "camers" at stop lights do not record, rather they are there to detect traffic and modify the signal sequence as needed. But some are recording devices, especially in Denver. But they do not retain the recording for long and it is fairly quickly recorded over, so you woudl need to seek to preserve it quickly.  However, if you agree that you stopped past the stop bar at a stop light, I am not sure how the camera helps you if it exists. It might be better to look into whether the officer had sufficient "consent" to search your car.  A lawyer who reviews the police reports and hears your version can he;p you with that. 

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