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Can I request for charges to be dismissed?

1 Answers. Asked on Sep 20th, 2013 on Criminal Law - California
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I recently was cited for embezzlement and have an upcoming court date. I am a first time offender and just did something really stupid to help out a so called "friend" . Well I entered a civil featuring agreement with the company and have paid them in full before I have even went to court. Can I request the charges be dismissed at my court date?
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Answered on Sep 21st, 2013 at 9:29 AM

yes generally, a first time offender for non violent crimes can get a program that involves completing classes, or counselling in exchange for a withdrawl of the charges. You may do better with a lawyer to ensure this happens. 

William R. Pelger, Attorney Munhall, Pennsylvania 412-461-1900

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