Criminal Law

Tip Of The Day

Do you know your rights and responsibilities if you're pulled over by a law enforcement officer and suspected of driving under the influence (DUI/DWI)? Read More...

What to Expect from the Criminal Pr...

Although criminal law procedures vary by state, the basic process is generally the same no matter where you are arrested. The primary objective of the crimina.... Read more

When Meds Become Prescription for P...

Abuse of prescription painkillers is a public health epidemic. In 2011, more people died from prescription painkiller overdoses than from heroin, cocaine and .... Read more

Marijuana Legality Explained

Marijuana laws vary considerably. The states of Colorado and Washington are the first in the nation to legalize, tax and regulate the recreational possession .... Read more

The Criminal Process

What Is a Criminal Offense

To ensure public order and safety, lawmakers classify certain acts as criminal offenses. Each state has adopted laws that make certain acts illegal, although the punishment may vary from one state to another. Federal criminal laws and sentences apply no matter where you are in the United States. Criminal vs. Civil Cases Court cases are divided into two broad categories: civil... Read More

Types of Crimes

Crimes Involving Alcohol

Whenever you consume enough alcohol to dramatically change your mental or physical state, you run the risk of breaking the law. In most cases, alcohol-related crimes are misdemeanors. But the involvement of alcohol is often enough to turn a lesser crime into a more serious offense. Drinking and Driving Carries Numerous Penalties Driving after drinking is the most serious alco... Read More

Legal Representation

Pro Se: Representing Yourself in a Criminal Trial

When you are accused of a crime, you have rights. One of those rights is having a lawyer with you during the process - from questioning through the end of the trial - if you want one. If you don't want a lawyer, you also have the right to represent yourself. Called appearing "pro se" or "pro per," representing yourself means that you must take the time to learn the law and do wha... Read More

DUI/DWI and Traffic Violations

Legal Consequences of Drinking and Driving

For many years, a DUI/DWI was handled much like any routine traffic violation. Attitudes have changed, however, and so have the laws in most states. Driving under the influence or while intoxicated is now usually treated as a serious criminal offense. In most states, you can be convicted if your blood alcohol content is.08 percent or greater, or if you fail a field sobriety test.... Read More

Juvenile Offenders

Juveniles Who Commit Crimes

When juveniles commit crimes, the court treats them differently from adults - especially if they come from a background of abuse or neglect. The court aims to save juvenile offenders from the path they're on and rehabilitate them through counseling and other efforts. But this doesn't always work. Some juveniles are repeat offenders who commit serious crimes. In these instances, t... Read More

Sexual Crimes

Legal Changes for Registered Sex Offenders

  Georgia passed a new law that lessens restrictions on registered sex offenders Hundreds of people are being dropped from Ohio’s list of registered sex offenders because the state’s new sex offender law was ruled unconstitutional The US State Department didn’t know it could deny passports to convicted sex offenders   States across the country wrestle with the ques... Read More

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