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Will I be drug tested before my court date?

1 Answers. Asked on Jul 07th, 2016 on Criminal Law - South Carolina
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I was recently charged with unlawful neglect of a child or helpless person because both myself and my newborn tested positive for marijuana. I have two separate investigations: one by DSS and one by the sheriffs department. I pretty much understand how the DSS investigation works. They're conducting their own drug tests. However, will the sheriffs department also order random tests for me before my court date? Also, what is the likely outcome of my trial being that I'm a first time offender (my record is completely clean) and I've been completely cooperative? Thanks in advance.
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Dr. Michael Gordon Sribnick, Esq. at Michael G. Sribnick, M.D., J.D., LLC
Licenced in SC
Answered on Jul 08th, 2016 at 9:53 AM

You would be well advised to hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect you and try to keep your child from being taken away by DSS.  If you cannot afford a lawhyer, perhaps you qualify for a public defender.

This comment neither creates a lawyer/client relationship nor constitutes legal advice.

Dr. Michael G. Sribnick, Esq. criminal defense attorney in Charleston, S.C.

Michael G. Sribnick, M.D., J.D., LLC

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