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Criminal Law: Arrest and Evidence FAQ
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Based on the "details" portion of your question, you may be confused with regard to a statute of limitation on crimes and the rule pertaining to when prior convictions can be counted on a scoresheet. ...Read more

You will need to hire an attorney and give the attorney the information as to where the conviction was (county or municipality or federal conviction) with as much information as you can give, such as ...Read more

Yes. You could go to jail. You will have a criminal record. Employment will be difficult if not impossible. We may be able to help you avoid the conviction. Ed Dimon 732-797-1600

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Does there have to be video evidence in a traffic stop?

Q: I let my friend use my jeep and he does not have a license. He and a licensed driver switched seats before the police were able to get behind the jeep. The officer says he saw the switch. There ... Read more

What to Expect in a Final Hearing for Uncontested Divorce

If you’re nearing the finish line of an uncontested divorce, you may soon be going to court for the final hearing. This is when you will appear before a family law judge and testify under oath. ... Read more

What Is Negligent Death?

Negligent death is when a person is killed due to the misconduct or negligence of another person. It is often referred to as wrongful death. The family members of the deceased person may opt to file a ... Read more

Workers' Compensation Safety Nets: NJPLIGA and UEF

Original Post: A closer look into NJPLIGA and EUF The purpose of this po ... Read more

Former employer had police take my I Pad

Q: Former Employer has taken my I Pad which I bought from them on 9/11/2013 and I have the Bill of Sale signed and dated. What do I need to do? I quit working for them Nov. 2013. It was a week late ... Read more

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