Criminal Law Process

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Crimes Can Be Misdemeanors or Felon...

Criminal offenses are grouped into two categories. A misdemeanor is a lesser offense, such as shoplifting, harassment, or driving while intoxicated. A felony ...Read more

Probation and Parole

Probation and parole after a criminal conviction are two different things. Probation means that you don't have to go to prison at all - although you're still ...Read more

What to Expect from the Criminal Pr...

Although criminal law procedures vary by state, the basic process is generally the same no matter where you are arrested. The primary objective of the crimina...Read more

Criminal Law Process

Criminal Law Process

Keeping Tabs on Sex Offenders

When it comes to treatment of convicted sex offenders, Americans and the American justice system are very concerned. Sex offenders are seen as targeting the most vulnerable populations, especially wom ... Read more

Mandatory DNA Testing Is Constitutional

Modern DNA analysis has revolutionized the criminal justice system. It has been used to prove - without a doubt - that suspects were involved in crimes and to free people who were wrongly convicted. T ... Read more

Home Confinement as an Alternative to Prison

Today’s jails and prisons are overcrowded and expensive. To cope, court systems increasingly offer home confinement, or house arrest, as an alternative to traditional incarceration. Home confinement ... Read more

How High Is Too High To Drive?

In 2013, Washington and Colorado passed laws allowing the recreational use of marijuana. Eighteen states plus the District of Columbia allow medicinal use of marijuana. Do these changes mean that you ... Read more

When Is a Prisoner Released to a Halfway House?

Towards the end of their sentences, inmates and parolees can be sent to halfway houses. These are also called community corrections centers or residential reentry centers. Halfway houses are supposed ... Read more

Additional Criminal Law Process Topics

Additional Criminal Law Process Topics