Missing Adults and the NCMA

In 1994, the Nation’s Missing Children Organization, Inc. (NMCO) was established to help missing adults and their families. They changed their policy in 1995 to search for missing people over 18. However, they too mostly focus on people determined by police to be at risk due to diminished mental capacity, physical disability or suspicion of foul play.

Yet, their services may be helpful. They’ve established a centralized national clearinghouse for missing adults and resources to assist with missing adults called the National Center for Missing Adults (NCMA). Today, the NCMA and the US Department of Justice serve as the national clearinghouse for missing adults in the United States.

What’s Next? The Future for the Susan Powell Search

Susan Powell has been missing for over a month. Her friends and family have contacted the police, put up posters and have held candlelight vigils. The police have no leads to her whereabouts. The Utah police urge anyone with information regarding the case to call West Valley City Police at (801) 840-4000.

In the meanwhile, rather than relying on the police to find her, Susan’s family and friends are going a step further and enlisting social media and online technology. They are using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help spread awareness of her disappearance.

Questions for Your Attorney

  • My husband has been missing for 5 hours. Will the police begin searching for him?
  • My wife has gone missing, and I am a person of interest. Should I not talk to the police?
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