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West Virginia Criminal Statutes of Limitations
How much time does the prosecution have to charge you in the Mountain State? ... Read more

Skipping Bail? A Bounty Hunter Might Follow
In most countries, only government law enforcement officers have authority to go after and arrest fugitives from justice. But in the United States, bounty hunters (also called “fugitive recovery agents”)—private citizens who make it their profession to track down and capture bail jumpers—have ... Read more

Criminal Charges: What Do They Mean?
From arrest to the charging decision and beyond, criminal cases involve a series of critical stages. ... Read more

Initial Appearance in Court after an Arrest
Languishing in jail with no idea of the formal charges against you is not uncommon in many parts of the world. In the United States, it's against the law. ... Read more

Revoking Bail: Go to Jail & Lose Your Bond
Getting released on bail can be complicated and costly, but going back to jail and forfeiting bond is even worse. When a defendant violates bail conditions or fails to show up in court, bail is almost always revoked (the defendant is put in custody). After revocation comes forfeiture. So, the defendant loses his freedom and might possibly lose a lot of money. ... Read more

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Did you test positive for TB ? Are you being treated by a doctor for the TB ? We will need the report from the dcotor noting that you have TB and that the TB came from your exposure to the inmates in ...Read more

The chances are pretty good if your roommate tells law enforcement officers that the oil was yours and you put it in his room -- and the officer, either on their own -- or in lollow-up to his or his l ...Read more

You will have work with the jail authorities to get him whatever help that they can provide.

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Does the duty-to-rescue apply in time of natural cause?

Q: The husband was displaying an abnormal behavior. The wife didn’t think too much about it. She stayed by his side until he had fallen asleep and then went to bed herself. The husband died in t ... Read more

Can I be convicted for using $200.00 of a stolen gift card if I “ONLY” used

Q: In my previous job I worked at, four gift cards for $50.00 a piece were stolen=$200.00. I used one of the stolen gift cards for $50.00 and two other people related to me used the remaining three gi ... Read more

What can I do about a corrupt probation officer?

Q: My son was accused of theft and was sent to jail two weeks ago. His hearing was today. All charges dropped but when his attorney called his probation officer she told him that it could be days befo ... Read more

I’m concerned about the law that was passed in PA for limited access to my

Q: I have two summary charges from 2006 for Retail Theft and Disorderly Conduct. Would I be able to have those charges sealed from employers if I got another summery conviction in 2016? A: Summary non ... Read more

Can I sue my ex for falsely accusing me of pointing a handgun at her?

Q: My ex-wife asked me to watch our daughter on one of her days. We have a custody agreement in place. I gladly watched my daughter. We had bad weather, so I took my daughter home, and asked my ex to ... Read more

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