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Practically anyone who comes into contact with meth faces stiff federal and state criminal penalties. Federal Laws The Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic ... read more
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Criminal Sentences Determined by Laws, Judges
Update The United States Sentencing Commission held a public hearing on June 2, 2011, about making the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 retroactive. The Commission and the courts have received thousands of letters from inmates convicted under the old law and their family members, asking that the new rules be ... Read more

Drugs and Sports: In the Mix
Something tarnished the shine of the Olympic medals won by the invincible and untouchable champions: Photos surfaced of marijuana use; test results came out positive for steroids. Booking photos showed arrests for DUI and cocaine possession. Should we have higher expectations for celebrity sports figures? ... Read more

Don't Mess with Meth!
Hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps even millions, use and abuse methamphetamine, or "meth." It's a multi-billion dollar industry for some, while for others, the rush or "high" turns out to be life-shattering, and sometimes fatal. Supplier or user, no matter which end of the deal someone is on, ... Read more

Drug Possession Use Distribution and Sale
The possession, use, distribution or sale of certain drugs is a crime. Punishments range from fines to many years in prison. These drugs are illegal because of health risks and because they are associated with violent crimes. Both the states and the federal system can prosecute drug crimes. All 50 states ... Read more

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Unfortunately, if he was convicted he will not be able to have the arrest records and resolution sealed or expunged.

We would have to review the police reports to answer properly. However, your situation is s complex area of the law because you have multiple issues: search of common area and 'expectation of privacy' ...Read more

It really depends on your Judge and your prosecutor.  You should talk to a criminal defense attorney in your county.  I would think that you can still get a withhold of adjudication which wo ...Read more

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