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Are you hosting a party, but concerned about the possibility of excess drinking and being responsible for the resulting damage and injury? Here's a qu ... read more
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What is “BAC”?
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The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test
Learn about how police use the horizontal gaze nystagmus (HGN) test to detect whether drivers have had too much to drink. ... Read more

Field Sobriety Tests
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DUI Accidents: The Consequences of Causing a Collision While Driving Under the Influence
Being involved in an accident while drunk driving can lead to enhanced penalties. ... Read more

Why Is Driving Under the Influence on Private Property Illegal?
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We need to know more about what happened. You need to correct the record. You need to explain why the record was incorrect. You want to make sure that this is not on your driving record. Please call. ...Read more

You will need to come back to NC for your courtdate.  In order to get the case back on the calendar, you will also need to come back and get served with the order for arest which should have been ...Read more

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Son got a DUI. He wants to be a teacher

Q: My son (21) just got DUI. He is a college student preparing to be teacher. This is his first offense ever. He has to fill out a teaching clearance. The Arrest Report form asks about reportable o ... Read more

Will I face jail time? I can't do jail!

Q: I live in PA and was pulled over for expired license plate. I haven't had my driver’s license for 8 years due to an accident that placed a suspension on me which I still owe fines for. I wa ... Read more

Marijuana DUI: Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana

Everyone knows what DUI stands for: Driving Under the Influence. What they may not know is that unlike other crimes, a DUI charge does not require mental intent to violate the law. Under C ... Read more

Can I fight an underage DUI for sleeping in my car ?

Q: I arrived at a college and parked my car, drank all night at a party and returned to my car to sleep because I wasn't allowed in my friend’s dorm because it was too late to check in. I was ... Read more

Camden DUI Lawyers Debate the Constitutionality of DUI Checkpoints

A 1990 U.S Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision upholding the ability for law enforcement to secureDUI checkpoints, which targets potentially intoxicated drivers mostly along major throughways throughout t ... Read more

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