DUI/DWI & Traffic Violations

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Legal Consequences of Drinking and ...

For many years, a DUI/DWI was handled much like any routine traffic violation. Attitudes have changed, however, and so have the laws in most states. Driving u...Read more

Accidents and Injuries When Alcohol...

In every state, it's illegal to drive when you have a blood alcohol concentration - BAC - of 0.08 percent or higher. The normal DUI penalty you are facing inc...Read more

Traffic Violations: Speeding

There are times when getting a ticket for exceeding the speed limit can be fairly minor, requiring only the payment of a fine. However, if you're caught drivi...Read more

DUI/DWI & Traffic Violations

DUI/DWI & Traffic Violations

How High Is Too High To Drive?

In 2013, Washington and Colorado passed laws allowing the recreational use of marijuana. Eighteen states plus the District of Columbia allow medicinal use of marijuana. Do these changes mean that you ... Read more

When Can the Police Search My Car?

For police to legally search your car, a number of circumstances must be met. Because it is mobile and comparatively easy to dispose of, a car has fewer protections against search than a home. Your pe ... Read more

What You Need to Know About DUI Arrests

You’re driving along, when you see those dreaded flashing lights in your rear view mirror. Perhaps you’re stone-cold sober. Perhaps you’ve had a few drinks. Perhaps you’ve even had a few too m ... Read more

Vehicular Accidents and Injuries

A vehicular accident can occur almost anywhere. An accident may simply cause damage to the cars involved. In more serious accidents, injuries may occur as well. Sometimes these injuries are fatal. ... Read more

Behind the Wheel and on Your Phone

Along with new opportunities, technology creates new problems. Since the advent of mobile devices, thousands of people have been killed in auto accidents caused by distracted drivers who were talking ... Read more

Additional DUI/DWI & Traffic Violations Topics

Additional DUI/DWI & Traffic Violations Topics