Are you hosting a party, but concerned about the possibility of excess drinking and being responsible for the resulting damage and injury? Here's a qu ... read more
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What Is an Ignition Interlock Device (IID)?
Learn about how DUI ignition interlock devices (IIDs) work and when courts require them. ... Read more

Do Police Have to Give Implied Consent Advisements in the Suspect’s Preferred Language?
Find out about what an officer is required to do when giving an implied consent warning to a suspect who doesn’t understand English or is hearing impaired. ... Read more

What Are “Breathalyzer” Tests?
Learn about the different ways police use breathalyzers during DUI stops—preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) and evidential breath tests (EBT). ... Read more

Can I Get a DUI If I Wasn’t Actually Driving?
Read about whether you can get a DUI if you were drunk in your car, but not actually driving. ... Read more

Rising and Falling BAC: How Alcohol Absorption and Metabolization Factor Into DUI Cases
Read about how the prosecution and defense use rising and falling blood alcohol concentration in DUI cases. ... Read more

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The "surety" on a bond (i.e. the person who posted the money) can take the person to court or the jail and ask for their bond money back and to be taken off the bond.  The person would then be re ...Read more

Unfortunately your daughter's case will not be dismissed due to the death of the officer. If the matter is taken to trial, the DA's office may find themselves in a difficult position and her case coul ...Read more

The criminal case - which is what was dismissed - and the DMV/ driver's license issues are two different things, handled by two different authorities, and can come to two different decisions. If you d ...Read more

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Cherry Hill DUI Lawyer: Penalties for a Third DUI Conviction in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the penalties an individual faces for a second DUI conviction are steeper than those they faced for their first DUI conviction. In turn, the penalties a third DUI charge are steeper tha ... Read more

What should I expect? DUI?

Q: On New Year’s Eve, I was pulled over. I had been drinking and also had a small amount of cocaine on driver’s side. I would say .5grams. The passenger had a lot more he also told the pol ... Read more

Say No to A New Year Nightmare: Kick Off 2017 Safely

New Year’s Eve is almost here, and typically, each new year is kicked off with celebrations worldwide. These parties often include champagne (along with other adult beverage choices) and while t ... Read more

What now? A DUI for Christmas?

Q: I was driving on Christmas Day, at night, on the way to pick up my husband from work. I had a police officer come right up on my car, and pull me over. He was IMMEDIATELY persistent that I was unde ... Read more

I have a suspended license offense

Q: I have traffic court in Indiana, PA. I live in Pittsburgh but work up there. This is my third driving under suspended license offense. A: If it was a DUI related suspension (Motor Vehicle Code 1543 ... Read more

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