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Are you hosting a party, but concerned about the possibility of excess drinking and being responsible for the resulting damage and injury? Here's a qu ... read more
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First-Offense DUI: How Much Does It Cost and What Are the Penalties?
We recently surveyed readers in different parts of the country who had been arrested for first-offense DUI to learn about the range of costs and outcomes associated with this common criminal charge. Read on to see what we found—and what you might be looking at if you’ve been arrested for DUI, DWI ... Read more

Does a DUI Lawyer Give You a Better Outcome? Is It Worth the Cost?
One of the first questions to arise for someone facing a DUI (or DWI or OWI) is what to do about legal representation. Should you hire a lawyer? Can you use the public defender? Are you better off going it alone? We recently surveyed readers to learn about how being represented by a lawyer—and the ... Read more

Blood Alcohol Levels and First-Time DUI: How They Affect the Cost and Outcome
When you’re arrested for a DUI, law enforcement will record and report its measurement of your blood alcohol content (BAC)—unless you refuse to complete a chemical test. BAC is critical in the prosecutor's decision whether to prosecute someone. We recently surveyed readers in different parts of ... Read more

Aggravated DUI: How Much Does It Cost and What Are the Penalties?
Not all DUIs are created equal. Some involve aggravating factors: circumstances that support stiffer punishment. We recently surveyed readers in different areas of the United States to learn about the cost and outcomes of aggravated DUI cases. These readers had been arrested for DUI (or DWI, or another ... Read more

Will I Have to Pay Bail for a DUI Arrest?
After being arrested for DUI, you are brought to jail and "booked." Can you get out when you sober up, or will you have to arrange for bail? The game of Monopoly has provided us with the concept of the “Get Out of Jail Free” card -- a magic status that enables you to walk away from incarceration ... Read more

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Yes. It's not additional sentencing in the way you are thinking. He's adding a condition to your request for an occupational license. And, as it appears your suspension is due to the convictions, the ...Read more

I gather that you are probably referring to either the reduction in mandatory minimum sentences for Massachusetts drug offenses or the retroactive reduction in sentences for federal crack cocaine conv ...Read more

I would suggest checking trucker's magazines--some lawyers advertise there. You can also check with that County to see if they have a Bar Association who does lawyer referrals; they should be able to ...Read more

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3rd DUI, what is my sentence?

Q: My question is a generalization of what sentencing I may possibly be looking at. I appreciate your time and advice, in advance. When I was 18 in 2006 I received my first DUI in PA. I did what was ... Read more

Can PennDOT do this?

Q: Did not send in my PA license after a DUI in Maryland. Had no idea it I was required to until I received a letter from PennDOT. Stated today PennDOT has sent numerous letters to my home requestin ... Read more

Mount Holly DUI Lawyer: Evesham Township Initiative to Reduce Drunk Driving

Beginning Friday, September 4, 2015, Evesham Township residents will be able to get a free ride home from local bars and establishments with the objective to decrease drunk driving. The new 30 day pil ... Read more

Life After ARD: Driving Under Suspension--DUI Related and Other Issues

Individuals who enter the ARD program are often relieved to hear that there is a pathway out of a guilty plea. However, sometimes one's relationship with the ARD program is not one of marital bliss, b ... Read more

Driving Under the Influence in Pennsylvania: What You Don't Know Can Cost You

Under Pennsylvania law, prosecutions for driving under the influence ("DUI's") are taken seriously. Due to the risk of fatalities or serious injuries on the road, courts do not look kindly o ... Read more

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