Are you hosting a party, but concerned about the possibility of excess drinking and being responsible for the resulting damage and injury? Here's a qu ... read more
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Do Police Have to Give Implied Consent Advisements in the Suspect’s Preferred Language?
Find out about what an officer is required to do when giving an implied consent warning to a suspect who doesn’t understand English or is hearing impaired. ... Read more

What Are “Breathalyzer” Tests?
Learn about the different ways police use breathalyzers during DUI stops—preliminary alcohol screening (PAS) and evidential breath tests (EBT). ... Read more

Can I Get a DUI If I Wasn’t Actually Driving?
Read about whether you can get a DUI if you were drunk in your car, but not actually driving. ... Read more

Rising and Falling BAC: How Alcohol Absorption and Metabolization Factor Into DUI Cases
Read about how the prosecution and defense use rising and falling blood alcohol concentration in DUI cases. ... Read more

What’s the Difference Between Per Se and Impairment DUIs?
In all states there's two types of DUI: per se and impairment DUIs. Read about the deference between the two. ... Read more

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Likely, you need to obtain an occupational license. Call my office if you would like us to help you get the process started. 

The test is only for alcohol. There is no test for drugs and the prosecution is relying upon the observations of the officer. We would have your son drug tested to demonstrate no use of drugs in the r ...Read more

It is almost impossible to change a DUI guilty plea unless you can prove that you were misled by your attorney. You had to give a 'factual basis' for the plea and this explanation by you of why you we ...Read more

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Can I beat a first time DUI? No warrant for my blood!

Q: My blood was drawn with NO WARRANT on July 10th of this year.  I got pulled over. They said I failed the FST’s but I know a didn’t and I have witnesses who were in the bar parking ... Read more

Hayward DUI Defense Attorney

The DUI Defense Attorney for You Whether this is your first DUI/DWI or you have multiple offenses, Louis J. Goodman is the experienced criminal defense attorney for you. He can explain your rights and ... Read more

Five Myths About Criminal Law Dispelled: Blog Mini Series

When you or a family member is arrested for a misdemeanor or felony, you can face serious life-altering consequences. You might be aware of the immediate risk of punishment that includes incarceration ... Read more

Maryland Now Holds Adult Hosts of Underage Drinking Parties Liable for…

The Maryland Court of Appeals recently held that an adult who hosts an underage drinking party can be held liable for the injuries and damages suffered by people injured… Keep Reading.

DUI – Quick action may be necessary in Colorado

If a person is stopped for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol (DUI) or Driving While Ability Impaired by alcohol (DWAI), they may need to take immediate action to try to salvage their ability to d ... Read more

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