Drunk Driving Offenses & Types of DUI Charges

Drunk Driving Offenses: Types of DUI Charges

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Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Chart: How Many Drinks Does It Take to Be Over the Limit?
Get an estimate of a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) after drinking. ... Read more

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This issue can be addressed in a number of ways.    What county is the case pending in?

A mother asking that her son/daughter being taken off the road is irrelevant. This merely establishes probably cause for the stop.  Once the officer makes the stop, the only issue ...Read more

This is a question you'd have to ask a lawyer in Kansas as it woudl be based on Kansas law.

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Cherry Hill DUI Lawyer Discusses DUI Checkpoints in New Jersey

New Jersey has multiple options in the ongoing fight to curtail drunk driving. Sobriety checkpoints are a legal police method used to combat DUI in South Jersey. These checkpoints, sometimes referred ... Read more


Q: I got my 1st DUI. Yeah. I got 12-month ARD probation. Can I get it expunged after 6 months? My fines and restitution are paid off and I completed my ARD. I have professional licensure and don&#8217 ... Read more

Can you refuse a Breathalyzer on Religious Grounds?


Cherry Hill DUI Lawyer: Penalties for a Third DUI Conviction in New Jersey

In New Jersey, the penalties an individual faces for a second DUI conviction are steeper than those they faced for their first DUI conviction. In turn, the penalties a third DUI charge are steeper tha ... Read more

What should I expect? DUI?

Q: On New Year’s Eve, I was pulled over. I had been drinking and also had a small amount of cocaine on driver’s side. I would say .5grams. The passenger had a lot more he also told the pol ... Read more

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