The Cost and Penalties of DUI

If you're arrested for DUI or another alcohol- or drug-related driving offense, you want to know how much it will cost and what the outcome is likely to be. We recently surveyed readers who had been arrested for DUI to learn about the range of costs and outcomes, and whether hiring a lawyer helps. Read on to see what we found out.

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Aggravated DUI: How Much Does It Cost and What Are the Penalties?
Not all DUIs are created equal. Some involve aggravating factors: circumstances that support stiffer punishment. We recently surveyed readers in different areas of the United States to learn about the cost and outcomes of aggravated DUI cases. These readers had been arrested for DUI (or DWI, or another ... Read more

Does a DUI Lawyer Give You a Better Outcome? Is It Worth the Cost?
One of the first questions to arise for someone facing a DUI (or DWI or OWI) is what to do about legal representation. Should you hire a lawyer? Can you use the public defender? Are you better off going it alone? We recently surveyed readers to learn about how being represented by a lawyer—and the ... Read more

Refusing a DUI Chemical Test: What's Likely to Happen and How Much Will It Cost?
After you've been pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), the police will generally give you a choice of chemical tests to determine blood alcohol content (BAC): typically breath or blood. If you refuse, you'll likely be arrested and charged with refusing a chemical test, as well ... Read more

First-Offense DUI: How Much Does It Cost and What Are the Penalties?
We recently surveyed readers in different parts of the country who had been arrested for first-offense DUI to learn about the range of costs and outcomes associated with this common criminal charge. Read on to see what we found—and what you might be looking at if you’ve been arrested for DUI, DWI ... Read more

Third- or Fourth-Offense DUI How Much Does It Cost and What Are the Penalties?
Driving under the influence becomes a very serious crime when the driver has two or more prior convictions: the likelihood of time behind bars goes up significantly. Outcomes for 3rd or 4th DUIWe recently surveyed readers who had been convicted for two or more DUIs (or DWIs, OUIs, or whatever drunk ... Read more

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Your husband should hire a lawyer as soon as possible. If his case is not handle correctly, and his license is suspended he could lose his job. Also, your husband only has 10-days to reqeust a DMV hea ...Read more

Without seeing your charges, it's difficult to say. A lot depends on what your blood alcohol content was. However, if you were licensed to drive and have no criminal record, you will likely be offered ...Read more

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Arrested in Sonoma County for a DUI. Will California notify PA?

Q: I live in Pennsylvania and was attending a wedding California in October 2016. After the arrest, I hired a Sonoma lawyer. I am being told to accept informal probation and I am curious how this coul ... Read more

On probation, crashed into a pool. DUI. Am I going to Jail?

Q: My little sister just passed away and my mind was not in the right place and I was driving drunk and crashed into a neighborhood pool (closed). This is my first mess up on probation and I never bee ... Read more

How can the court change my DUI to a 3rd offense?

Q: I was charged with DUI and my lawyer wanted to challenge the stop because the cop has a reputation of pulling people over on “hunches”. (the judge ruled the stop was legal). All my pape ... Read more

How good are my chances of getting an extension of my ARD program?

Q: I was given ARD probation of one-year for a DUI. This is my tenth month on ARD and have completed all the conditions of my ARD program except for the 30 hours of community service, which I will com ... Read more

What’s going to happen? 1st offense DUI in Pittsburgh?

Q: This is my 1st offense DUI with no injuries but I did refuse the breath test. I don’t live in PA. I live in Michigan. If I’m found guilty or I plead guilty what will my penalty be?&#160 ... Read more

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