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A juvenile may get by with “catch and release” or endure a formal trip to the stationhouse, depending on the circumstances of the stop and the sus ... read more
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Criminal Law: Expungement FAQ
If you're thinking of trying to have a criminal record expunged (erased) or sealed (hidden), it's important that you understand what may be expunged, as well as when and how. Get detailed information about Expungement and Record Sealing in your state. ... Read more

Sexting: Pornography or High Tech Flirting?
Are naked pictures of your teen being sent from person to person or posted on the internet? If your teen has access to a cell phone there's a chance that there are. Three teen girls in Pennsylvania, several boys in their class, a boy in Wisconsin, and other teens all over the country are facing charges ... Read more

Can We Send Juveniles to Jail for Life?
In May 2010, in a much anticipated decision, the US Supreme Court answered the question, "Can we send juveniles to jail for life?" And the answer is: Sometimes. The Court ruled that juvenile offenders who've been convicted of crimes involving the killing of another person may be sent to prison for life without ... Read more

Judges Plead Guilty: Youth Sentencing Kickbacks
Operation Greylord. Bernard Madoff. Charles Keating. Pyramid Schemes. All conjure up images of people who viewed themselves as above the law by abusing their positions of power to take money from unsuspecting, trusting citizens. Two Pennsylvania judges have pleaded guilty to taking something even more ... Read more

Arresting Kids
A juvenile may get by with “catch and release” or endure a formal trip to the stationhouse, depending on the circumstances of the stop and the suspected crime. ... Read more

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Testifying in Court

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Camden Juvenile Criminal Lawyer Discusses Affluenza and Minors Criminally Charged

Minors who grew up well off may not have all of the world’s advantages in their corner. New studies have shown that those who grew up in a higher status area are at the highest risk for what is ... Read more

Can I suppress a statement in juvenile court?

Q: Can I suppress a statement in juvenile court? When I first got arrested I was being tried as an adult and my miranda rights were violated when they questioned me and I incriminated myself.They e ... Read more

California "Three Strikes Law" and How It Affects Your Child Facing a Juvenile Petition

Many minors and their parents are unaware that the California’s “Three Strikes Law” can have harsh consequences for minors facing Juvenile Petitions. Not all minors are subject to th ... Read more

Camden DUI Lawyer Reports Strict Regulations for Underage Drunk Drivers

InNew Jersey, underage drunk drivers faceharsh penalties. The penalties for an underage DWI charge vary in severity depending on the driver’s Blood Alcohol Level (BAC). Even a first-time offende ... Read more

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