Parole and Probation

Parole isn't exactly a "get out of jail free" card. But even with conditions, it beats remaining inside. ... read more
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Criminal Law: Procedure FAQ
Can I "settle" the charges against me? Does community service or probation still appear on your permanent record? Does deferred prosecution mean you have to admit to the felony you've been accused of? If you make a plea bargain with the police department to reduce charges, will the district attorney ... Read more

Criminal Law Sentencing Parole and Probation FAQ
Can I move if I'm on probation? Can probation be revoked? Can you appeal being found guilty of violating probation? Do I have to complete the entire probation time? Does community service or probation still go on your permanent record? Is there any difference between being sent to jail or prison? What's ... Read more

Home Confinement as an Alternative to Prison
Today’s jails and prisons are overcrowded and expensive. To cope, court systems increasingly offer home confinement, or house arrest, as an alternative to traditional incarceration. Home confinement became much more common after the advent of the electronic monitoring bracelet in 1983. In addition, ... Read more

The Parole Process: An Early Release from Prison
Parole isn't exactly a "get out of jail free" card. But even with conditions, it beats remaining inside. ... Read more

When Is a Prisoner Released to a Halfway House?
Towards the end of their sentences, inmates and parolees can be sent to halfway houses. These are also called community corrections centers or residential reentry centers. Halfway houses are supposed to help prisoners reenter society by providing supervision and transitional services. Some are run by ... Read more

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Much of that is at the discretion of the Probation officer and supervisor handling your boyfriend's case. It is a good thing that he turned himself in, however, for the purposes of sentencing. I rec ...Read more

Anything that helps the inmate present a favorable image of the inmate should be used. An inmate parole package is a useful tool especially when used in conjunction with live testimony at the par ...Read more

Unfortunately I cannot speak to the laws of a State outside of Florida, but in Florida a defendant's options can be limited for obtaining a bond on an out of State hold.   After a certain amount ...Read more

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Violations of Parole and Probation in Pennsylvania: “Gagnon II” Hearings and Sanctions

If an individual on supervision in Pennsylvania commits a new criminal offense, or violates a condition of supervision, that person is subject to further potential penalties.  "Supervision&q ... Read more

What To Do When Your Loved One Is Up For Parole

How Can I Help My Loved One With Their Parole Hearing in Texas? Texas parole representation To help a convicted family member obtain parole, family members should have a good understanding of how the ... Read more

1 in 34 adults is “in the system” (2011)

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about one in 34 U.S. adults was in prison or jail or on probation or parole in 2011.  That is lower than in recent years, but we don’t kn ... Read more

Find the Right Texas Parole Lawyer for You

When you need to find a good Texas parole lawyer to help you win back your freedom, you should shop around.  You can start by casting a wide net in the following ways: Do a Google search for Texa ... Read more


A probation violation occurs when the sentence the Judge gives is disobeyed during the probation’s time period (usually 3-5 years).  So for instance, the Judge says that you must attend and ... Read more

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