Parole and Probation

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Criminal Law Sentencing Parole and ...

Can I move if I'm on probation?Can probation be revoked?Can you appeal being found guilty of violating probation?Do I have to complete the entire probation time?Does comm...Read more

The Parole Process: An Early Releas...

Although a defendant may be sentenced to imprisonment for a certain number of years, he may only serve part of it. Conditional release before the planned sen...Read more

Parole Probation

Parole Probation

Home Confinement as an Alternative to Prison

Today’s jails and prisons are overcrowded and expensive. To cope, court systems increasingly offer home confinement, or house arrest, as an alternative to traditional incarceration. Home confinement ... Read more

When Is a Prisoner Released to a Halfway House?

Towards the end of their sentences, inmates and parolees can be sent to halfway houses. These are also called community corrections centers or residential reentry centers. Halfway houses are supposed ... Read more

Criminal Law: Procedure FAQs

If you make a plea bargain with the police department to reduce charges, will the district attorney back the police department's promise? Not necessarily. Police and other law enforcement agents (such ... Read more

Criminal Law: Sentencing, Parole & Probation FAQs

Can probation be revoked? Probation is a sentence with certain conditions that must be followed. If any of the conditions, such as no drug use, are violated, your probation officer will notify th ... Read more