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Can You Appeal Being Found Guilty of Violating Probation?
Appeals of probation revocation are often tough to win. ... READ MORE

Can I Move If I'm on Probation?
Probationers can move in some situations; in others, they can't. ... READ MORE

Is There any Difference Between Being Sent to Jail and Prison?
Jail and prison very different kinds of incarceration. ... READ MORE

Who Sets a Sentence, and How's It Determined?
Politicians and judges are involved in sentencing. ... READ MORE

What's the Point of a Suspended Sentence?
A judge can use a suspended sentence to try to keep a defendant in line. ... READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Someone on Parole and Someone on Probation?
Probation and parole are different kinds of out-of-custody supervision. ... READ MORE

What Types of Sentences Are There?
Criminal punishment can take many forms. ... READ MORE

What's a Presentence Investigation Report, and What's It Used For?
A presentence report can have a lot to do with the ultimate punishment. ... READ MORE

Do I Have to Complete the Entire Probation Time?
Judges can, but often don't, cut probation short. ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Parole And Probation Case From a Local Attorney

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Parole And Probation Questions

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Yes, some lawyers do handle parole hearings. Go to and enter "parole hearings" as the area of law that you are looking for.

Yes, your probation/parole officer can write down the license plate numbers.  You give up most of your rights when you are placed on probation or parole.  The probation/parole officer is abl ...Read more

It begins on the day of the conviction, which is usually when you enter your plea.

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New Illinois Sentencing Law

As of January 1, Illinois judges will have to specifically justify sentencing an offender, who has never received probation or conditional discharge, to prison or periodic imprison for Class 3 or Clas ... Read more

Violations of Parole and Probation in Pennsylvania: “Gagnon II” Hearings and Sanctions

If an individual on supervision in Pennsylvania commits a new criminal offense, or violates a condition of supervision, that person is subject to further potential penalties.  "Supervision&q ... Read more

What To Do When Your Loved One Is Up For Parole

How Can I Help My Loved One With Their Parole Hearing in Texas? Texas parole representation To help a convicted family member obtain parole, family members should have a good understanding of how the ... Read more

1 in 34 adults is “in the system” (2011)

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, about one in 34 U.S. adults was in prison or jail or on probation or parole in 2011.  That is lower than in recent years, but we don’t kn ... Read more

Find the Right Texas Parole Lawyer for You

When you need to find a good Texas parole lawyer to help you win back your freedom, you should shop around.  You can start by casting a wide net in the following ways: Do a Google search for Texa ... Read more

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