Sexual Crimes

Legal Changes for Registered Sex Of...

  Georgia passed a new law that lessens restrictions on registered sex offenders Hundreds of people are being dropped from Ohio’s list of registered sex offenders bec.... Read more

Sex Offenders Challenge Residency R...

A couple of centuries ago, an adulterous woman would be forced to wear a scarlet "A" around her neck. Later, small-town newspapers told who was arrested for a.... Read more

Sexually Dangerous Inmates Can Be I...

Typically, once a prisoner has served his or her sentence, he or she is released. However, that's no longer the case when it comes to "sexually dangerous" inm.... Read more

Sexual Crimes

Philadelphia Sexual Abuse Lawyers: Celebrity Admits to Pedophilia and Sex Abuse

Actor Stephen Collins, who played a pastor and father of seven on the popular family drama “7thHeaven” has admitted to sexually molesting an underage girl, and exposing himself to two othe... Read more

Maryland Domestic Violence Laws

Domestic violence is a crime against the entire family, as relationships build on trust and affection and can be destroyed in an instant by the violent actions of a loved one. When domestic violence t... Read more

Haddonfield Family Lawyers: NFL Stars and Celebrities Speak Out on Domestic Violence

The behavior of some high profile NFL players has cast a spotlight on the pervasive, and seldom discussed issue of domestic violence. The National Football League has responded to criticisms of its ha... Read more

Sexual Dysfunction Can Lead to Family Dissolution

I have been an attorney for 43 years and have been married for 40 years. On a frequent basis I represent individuals and families in crisis dealing with issues of domestic violence, substance abuse, p... Read more

Arizona Man Pleads Guilty in Wisconsin Murder

Two weeks prior to the scheduled jury trial, an Arizona male has pleaded guilty for a murder that occurred in Wisconsin. 42-year-old Juan Padilla is from Fort Mohave, Arizona. Originally, the AZ ... Read more

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