Sexual Crimes

Legal Changes for Registered Sex Of...

  Georgia passed a new law that lessens restrictions on registered sex offenders Hundreds of people are being dropped from Ohio’s list of registered sex offenders bec.... Read more

Sex Offenders Challenge Residency R...

A couple of centuries ago, an adulterous woman would be forced to wear a scarlet "A" around her neck. Later, small-town newspapers told who was arrested for a.... Read more

Sexually Dangerous Inmates Can Be I...

Typically, once a prisoner has served his or her sentence, he or she is released. However, that's no longer the case when it comes to "sexually dangerous" inm.... Read more

Sexual Crimes

California Issues Driver's Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants

While Arizona has come down hard on undocumented immigrant workers, its sister state, California, is giving some immigrants new rights – if they're young enough. California Governor Jerry Brown signe... Read more

Editor's Choice: Jury Awards Edition

Doctor who pulled too hard on baby's head liable for $21 million An obstetrician accused of pulling too hard on a baby's head during delivery is liable for $20.9 in damages for causing the baby, Ty... Read more

Editor's Choice: Top Five Legal News Stories of the Day

Here are some news items we thought would interest you. Widow settles lawsuit over husband's death caused by mesothelioma.Randy Veraldo died in 2009 at the age of 52, just seven months after he w... Read more

Dharun Ravi's Appeal Brings Jersey Hate Crime Law into Focus

Dharun Ravi, who recently served 20 days in prison for bias intimidation in the Rutgers webcam trial, is appealing his conviction in a move that will help clarify New Jersey's hate crime laws. Ravi... Read more

Gay Panic Defense in Philly Murder Trial?

A man on trial for murdering his friend in Philadelphia initially indicated that he would use a "gay panic defense," in which he would argue that he flew into a rage following an unwanted sexual advan... Read more

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