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  Georgia passed a new law that lessens restrictions on registered sex offenders Hundreds of people are being dropped from Ohio’s list of registere ... read more
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Keeping Tabs on Sex Offenders
When it comes to treatment of convicted sex offenders, Americans and the American justice system are very concerned. Sex offenders are seen as targeting the most vulnerable populations, especially women and children. They are often subject to longer prison terms and closer supervision once released than ... Read more

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If he doesn't have an attorney, the first thing you should consider doing is helping to hire him a good lawyer. Obviously, a sexual assault is a serious accusation. The range of punishment for sexual ...Read more

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The statute requires that there be 4 years difference in ages. If she is 15, then you have exposure. We just had this case and young man went to prison for 4 years. Ed Dimon

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Can they arrest my brother on my sister's word only?

Q: My brother had a warrant for questioning but when he got there they arrested him without any charges and no priors. Basically, my brother got taken in for questioning because my sister said when ... Read more

New Jersey Sex Abuse Lawyers: Police Officers Accountable for Sexual Misconduct

More cases are surfacing that involve police officers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey abusing their power and authority to commit sexual crimes. Recently two Atlantic County, NJ police officers were se ... Read more

Have I committed elder abuse? He is 77 and spent $ 70,000 on me

Q: He is caring for me as he wants to marry me. I agree to marry him if he pays for my law school. He has been paying all old bills and new bills, taking me shopping. Deposit directly into my bank ... Read more

Philadelphia Sexual Assault Lawyers: Females Videotaped in Dressing Rooms at King of Prussia Mall

Police recently arrested 37-year old Sean Moses on March 2, 2015 for videotaping girls and women in various stages of undress at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania. Surveillance video shows Mose ... Read more

Philadelphia Sexual Assault Lawyers: New Rules for UVA Frat Parties Aim to Boost Campus Safety

The University of Virginia has issued strict guidelines to its fraternities in effort to improve safety at parties. The move was made following a highly publicized and controversial rape scandal that ... Read more

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