Sexual Crimes

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Legal Changes for Registered Sex Of...

  Georgia passed a new law that lessens restrictions on registered sex offenders Hundreds of people are being dropped from Ohio’s list of registered sex offenders ...Read more

Sex Offenders Challenge Residency R...

A couple of centuries ago, an adulterous woman would be forced to wear a scarlet "A" around her neck. Later, small-town newspapers told who was arrested for a...Read more

Sexually Dangerous Inmates Can Be I...

Typically, once a prisoner has served his or her sentence, he or she is released. However, that's no longer the case when it comes to "sexually dangerous" inm...Read more

Sexual Crimes

Sexual Crimes

Philadelphia Sexual Abuse Lawyers: Philadelphia Boys and Girls Club Lawsuit

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime, victims of child sexual abuse deal with devastating long-term and short-term effects.Sexually abused children present wide-ranging psychosomatic ... Read more

New Jersey Sex Abuse Lawyers: Police Officers Accountable for Sexual Misconduct

More cases are surfacing that involve police officers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey abusing their power and authority to commit sexual crimes. Recently two Atlantic County, NJ police officers were se... Read more

Workplace Issues: Who needs a CSI when you have Uncle Ed

CSI is one of the most popular shows on television. It spawned a number of spinoffs: CSI:NY, CSI: Miami and, now, CSI Cyber. Regardless of the name or the cast, the theme is the same. Horrific crime t... Read more

Philadelphia Sexual Assault Lawyers: Females Videotaped in Dressing Rooms at King of Prussia Mall

Police recently arrested 37-year old Sean Moses on March 2, 2015 for videotaping girls and women in various stages of undress at the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania. Surveillance video shows Mose... Read more

Mount Holly Criminal Lawyer Reviews New Jersey Statute of Limitations for Criminal Charges

Each state has its own statute of limitations in which to formally charge an individual with a crime. The statute of limitations preserves the integrity of evidence which may include physical evidence... Read more

Additional Sexual Crimes Topics

Additional Sexual Crimes Topics