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Though the term "reckless driving" is somewhat vague, courts and juries have had no problem knowing it when they see it. ... read more
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Can Police Use a Traffic Stop as an Excuse—or “Pretext”—to Investigate for Some Other Crime?
Can Police Use a Traffic Stop as an Excuse—Or “Pretext”—to Investigate for Some Other Crime? Here's the Supreme Court's answer. ... Read more

Law Enforcement Checkpoints and Roadblocks: Are They Legal?
How Fourth Amendment protections apply to law enforcement roadblocks and checkpoints. ... Read more

Common Defenses for Fighting a Speeding Ticket
Learn about some of the more common defenses of contesting a speeding ticket at trial. ... Read more

Should I Hire a Traffic Attorney to Fight My Ticket?
If an officer tickets you for a moving violation, you’ll have to decide whether to handle the ticket yourself or hire an attorney to take care of it for you. Hiring an attorney could cost several hundred dollars, but depending on your situation, it might be money well spent. ... Read more

What Is Traffic School?
After being cited for a traffic offense, you’ll typically have to decide between fighting the ticket and admitting fault. For drivers who choose to admit the violation, traffic school is often a good option. ... Read more

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First, because infraction occurred in Georgia, that State's expungement laws would apply.  To the clearing of the traffic / moving violation.  In South Carolina, traffic offenses are not "ex ...Read more

We can 'fix' all that is broken so that the prosecution is presented with solutions. This will mitigate the consequences to you and your license. Please call.Ed Dimon 732-797-1600

Our approach is to 'fix what is broken' before going to court. We would present a Mitigation Brief setting forth what happened. We would explain your situation and your driving record. We mitigate the ...Read more

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Southampton NY Traffic Lawyer/No Passing a Stopped School Bus

Section 1174 of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law requires a driver to stop and not pass in either direction a stopped school bus with lights flashing on any public highway, street or private ... Read more

Did you receive a Notice of Impending Plea of Guilty and Default Judgment?

Notice of Impending Plea of Guilty and Default Judgment Nassau County District Court Traffic & Parking Violations Agency 16 Cooper Street, Hempstead, New York 11550 If you received a Notice o ... Read more

How Should I Dress For Court?

I am often asked how to dress for court. Lawyers have a clear rule: male lawyers wear a minimum of a jacket and tie and usually a suit and tie; female lawyers wear a suit or other professional attire. ... Read more

Daniel Gigiano Reviews The Good Faith Exception

The police need reasonable suspicion that a crime has been committed prior to pulling someone over or temporarily detaining them. The police need probable cause to arrest someone. Even if the police a ... Read more

Southampton NY Traffic Lawyer/Move Over for Garbage Trucks

The “Move Over Law” in New York (subdivision (a) of Section 1144-a of the Vehicle and Traffic Law), originally passed in 2011, requires a driver to exercise due care when approaching an au ... Read more

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