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Though the term "reckless driving" is somewhat vague, courts and juries have had no problem knowing it when they see it. ... read more
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Using a Cellphone or Wireless Device While Driving in California
In the past, California’s distracted driving laws prohibited motorists from talking on a cellphone or text messaging while driving, except when a phone or device was used in hands-free mode. But with a change in the law that went into effect on January 1, 2017, California has further restricted cellphone and wireless device use for drivers: California now bans not just talking and texting, but also all other hand-held wireless device use while at the wheel. ... Read more

Do Police Need a Warrant to Search My Motorhome?
To search someone’s home, police normally need to first get a search warrant. Vehicles, however, are treated differently. For a vehicle search to be legal, police only need to have probable cause that there’s incriminating evidence inside. Find out what the rule is for motorhomes. ... Read more

Can Police Use a Traffic Stop as an Excuse—or “Pretext”—to Investigate for Some Other Crime?
Can Police Use a Traffic Stop as an Excuse—Or “Pretext”—to Investigate for Some Other Crime? Here's the Supreme Court's answer. ... Read more

Law Enforcement Checkpoints and Roadblocks: Are They Legal?
How Fourth Amendment protections apply to law enforcement roadblocks and checkpoints. ... Read more

Common Defenses for Fighting a Speeding Ticket
Learn about some of the more common defenses of contesting a speeding ticket at trial. ... Read more

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I have not reviewed the specific statute at this time. However, the citation or ticket should reflect if a court appearance is mandatory or you can simply pay a fine. 

Save yourself a lot of time and the money. Hire an attorney to appear on your behalf to fight these charges and to set the matter for trial.

A traffic (FTA) warrant can be recalled without you having to appear in court. You should hire an attorney to have the matter set on calendar and the warrant recalled.

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Southampton NY Traffic Lawyer/Defensive Driving Class May Avoid Suspension

Taking a Defensive Driving Class may, under certain circumstances, provide an opportunity for a driver to avoid a suspension of driving privileges. Recently, I was contacted by a driver who had receiv ... Read more

Southampton NY Traffic Lawyer/No Jail or Bail for Drivers in the SCTPVA

Newsday reported on February 23rd that under a new order from the Suffolk County Administrative Judge C. Randall Hinrichs, drivers who appear in the SCTPVA on traffic tickets no longer face the risk o ... Read more

Can I fight an obedience to traffic control devices ticket for speeding?

Q: 71-mph in a 45-mph zone. There is no information on the citation regarding any speed timing device that was used to calculate my speed. A:  You can always fight a traffic ticket. The issue is ... Read more

Southampton NY Traffic Lawyer/More Pain for Suffolk County Drivers?

Newsday reported on Friday, February 3rd that the Suffolk County Legislature will soon consider a bill to double the $55.00 administrative fee charged on traffic tickets (excluding red light camera ti ... Read more

Southampton NY Speeding Tickets, Part 30, High Concentration of Patrol Cars

While driving west yesterday morning from the beginning of the divided 4 lane Sunrise Highway (Route 27) to Exit 65 in Hampton Bays where the Southampton Town Justice Court is located (a distance of a ... Read more

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