Fireman helping injured womanA vehicular accident can occur almost anywhere. An accident may simply cause damage to the cars involved. In more serious accidents, injuries may occur as well. Sometimes these injuries are fatal.

The person causing the accident is generally considered at fault. Depending on the cause of the accident and the damages or injuries that result, you could face civil or criminal charges, or both.

Insurance Coverage Is Mandatory for Drivers

All states require drivers to carry insurance. Each state sets the mandatory minimum coverage that you must carry. This insurance provides liability coverage for damage you cause to other vehicles. The insurance also protects you and the passengers in your car. Depending on the type of insurance you carry, the policy might pay for physical injuries suffered by others in an accident you caused. If you fail to carry the required insurance, your driver's license may be suspended.

A Car Accident Can Lead to a Ticket

You may receive a ticket if you cause an accident. The type of ticket you receive will depend upon the type of traffic violation you committed. If you run a stop sign and cause an accident, you'll be ticketed for that offense. If you make a left-hand turn and it causes a crash, you may receive a ticket for failure to yield. Different traffic offenses carry varying fines. A ticket related to an accident you caused may require you to appear in court to resolve it.

Accidents Can Lead to Criminal Charges

A vehicle accident can cause damage to your vehicle and other vehicles. Certain accidents can lead to the death of a passenger in your car or another car. You could face criminal charges if someone dies in a traffic accident you caused. Driving while intoxicated or speeding may result not only in a ticket but you may also be arrested and charged with a crime.

Accidents Can Lead to Civil Lawsuits

You could face a civil lawsuit if the police determine that you were at fault for a car accident. You may be sued if the other driver or any of the passengers in your car or the other car suffered injuries. A lawsuit may also be filed if someone dies in the accident. You may be covered under your auto insurance, depending upon the type of coverage you carry. Other injured parties or their families may try to pursue your personal assets as part of the lawsuit.

A Criminal Lawyer Can Help

The law surrounding vehicular accidents is complicated. Plus, the facts of each case are unique. This article provides a brief, general introduction to the topic. For more detailed, specific information, please contact a criminal lawyer.

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