Types of Crimes

Crimes against property are not as obvious as they sound. Although they deal with damage or theft of physical property, sometimes they also involve ha ... read more
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Terrorism, Crimes and Security
Terrorism is the use of violence and threats of violence against civilian targets, especially for political, religious or ideological purposes. The goal is intimidation or coercion. While not a specific crime, terrorism involves a constellation of crimes that lead to the loss of life and/or damage to ... Read more

Crimes Against a Person
Crimes against persons include crimes that cause a person physical harm. However, just the threat of harm counts as well. Your intentions at the time make a big difference. If you hurt someone by accident, it's still a crime, but penalties aren't as severe as they would be if you did it on purpose. Physical ... Read more

Crimes Against Public Safety
Crimes against public safety are those crimes that affect the public at large rather than specific individuals. If you're ever charged with a public safety crime, it's likely that you'll need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you. Public Safety Laws Protect Minors No matter which part of the ... Read more

Crimes Against the Justice System
A "crime against the justice system" is any offense that interferes with the smooth operation of this system, essential to protecting the rights under law of all U.S. residents. For the most serious crimes against the federal and state justice systems, severe penalties are imposed. These crimes may be ... Read more

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He needs to hire an attorney. If he has limited or no prior criminal history, there may be potential resolutions that are better for him than a deferred. 

He can try and take out a warrant but based on what you said the state will not be able to convict you.

You need to hire an attorney. To be honest, you've made a bit of a mess of it. But, your lawyer will have access to the State's evidence, and if there are circumstances that would warrant a resolution ...Read more

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Jury Verdict: Acquittal

I am happy to report a jury verdict of Not Guilty after trial last week on a charge of driving under the influence of prescription drugs. After repeated attempts to settle this criminal case with the ... Read more

How can I get copies of my expungement papers if I lost them?

Q: How does someone go about getting a copy of past (few years old) expungement orders after losing my personal copy? The expungements were completed without counsel so I don’t have the option o ... Read more

Cherry Hill Criminal Lawyers: Taxpayers Foot the Bill for Police Misconduct

Cases of police misconduct have been all over the news lately. Most people would agree that when police abuse their power and act overzealously, even dangerously, their victims deserve justice. Cherry ... Read more

Hayward DUI Defense Attorney

The DUI Defense Attorney for You Whether this is your first DUI/DWI or you have multiple offenses, Louis J. Goodman is the experienced criminal defense attorney for you. He can explain your rights and ... Read more

Five Myths About Criminal Law Dispelled: Blog Mini Series

When you or a family member is arrested for a misdemeanor or felony, you can face serious life-altering consequences. You might be aware of the immediate risk of punishment that includes incarceration ... Read more

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