Types of Crimes

Crimes against property are not as obvious as they sound. Although they deal with damage or theft of physical property, sometimes they also involve ha ... read more
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Terrorism, Crimes and Security
Terrorism is the use of violence and threats of violence against civilian targets, especially for political, religious or ideological purposes. The goal is intimidation or coercion. While not a specific crime, terrorism involves a constellation of crimes that lead to the loss of life and/or damage to ... Read more

Crimes Against a Person
Crimes against persons include crimes that cause a person physical harm. However, just the threat of harm counts as well. Your intentions at the time make a big difference. If you hurt someone by accident, it's still a crime, but penalties aren't as severe as they would be if you did it on purpose. Physical ... Read more

Crimes Against Public Safety
Crimes against public safety are those crimes that affect the public at large rather than specific individuals. If you're ever charged with a public safety crime, it's likely that you'll need to hire a criminal defense lawyer to defend you. Public Safety Laws Protect Minors No matter which part of the ... Read more

Crimes Against the Justice System
A "crime against the justice system" is any offense that interferes with the smooth operation of this system, essential to protecting the rights under law of all U.S. residents. For the most serious crimes against the federal and state justice systems, severe penalties are imposed. These crimes may be ... Read more

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In order to solve the problem, your boyfriend's lawyer needs to get an affidavit from you or ask you to make an appointment with the Victim Advocate at the DAs office.  Tell the VA what happened ...Read more

If you are referring to an injunction for protection, it does not cost anything.  There is no filing fee.  You can go to the Clerk of Court Office and get a form/petition to file for the pro ...Read more

In my opinion this is not attempted murder. Even if it was, the statute of limitatons has long passed.

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Can I obtain a gun permit with a Simple Assault on my record?

Q: I have a domestic simple assault from Arnold, PA. I live in Oil City, PA now. Can get a handgun if this happened in 1995? I have not had any arrest or anything sense and never been in any other tro ... Read more

How to Choose the Right Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Medicaid fraud investigations have serious consequences. Unless handled properly, you can be charged with crimes that may result in lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines, loss of professional licenses ... Read more

Inland Empire Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Post-Conviction Relief

If you are arrested for a drug offense, you may face severe penalties, including jail or state prison time, a misdemeanor or felony conviction, significant fines, probation, mandatory participation in ... Read more

Ohio Castle Law

Ohio’s castle law allows you to defend yourself in your home. Otherwise known as the “castle doctrine,” the law now recognizes the security and sanctity of the home. Ohio law previou ... Read more

Ohio Serious Youthful Offenders Get Adult Sentences

Can a juvenile court give an adult sentence? It sure can. However, this option is only available for a Serious Youthful Offender (SYO), which blends juvenile and adult sentences. Bindovers to adult co ... Read more

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