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The bondsman is financially responsible when a defendant fails to appear -- and will lose (have estreated) the full amount of the bond (not just the 10% that the defendant, or someone on the defe ...Read more

I have no idea. Contact the attorney handling the class action and ask him/her.

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How can a Judge deny my right to withdraw my guilty plea?

Q: I pleaded guilty because I was promised Drug Court. The deal exploded and the DA refused to agree but I entered the plea anyway as I was nervous and my attorney was little help. Can the Judge deny ... Read more

NJ lower court decision makes significant findings on child sex abuse cases

Recent decision in Hudson County trial court, State v. J.L.G., will have significant impact in both criminal and DCPP cases involving allegations of child sexual abuse A recent decision that came out ... Read more

Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction may have an impact in a person’s life even after the person has served their sentence and resumed living a law-abiding life. Beyond the social impact of having a criminal r ... Read more


THE ORIGIN OF THE FOURTH AMENDMENT Today, it is easy to forget where many of our freedoms come from. It is also dangerous to turn a blind eye to history. Civilizations, military commanders, and leader ... Read more

Domestic Violence designation requires a specific reason for act

Domestic violence offenses fall into two categories. One category is an offense that includes violence or a threat of violence – so assaults and physical harassment offenses. The other category ... Read more

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