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19 year old friends with 14 year old against the law?

1 Answers. Asked on Mar 04th, 2017 on Criminal Law - Florida
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I met a 14 year old and I'm 19, we are just friends for the time being. His parents don't want me to hang with their son? We don't do anything sexual at all or never before. His parents recently called the police on me because of the age different, and he lied about hanging out with me to his parents. The police said they would get in contact with me at a later date. A police report be made about the age different and us hanging out. Could I get arrest?
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Answered on Mar 06th, 2017 at 7:39 AM

Dont' hang with children - you are an adult and of age - find friends your own age - then there will be no questions such as this coming up.  "You're only as sick as your secrets" is good to remember - if a 14 year old has to lie to his parents because of you, it is bad news. 

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