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Can a dui guilty plea be appealed or reversed if my atty did not explain the full impact and my BAC < .08?

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I was told the DA would fight every DUI where drugs could be involved. My BAC was .071, the 'possession' charges would be dropped because I had prescriptions for them but even though they were not in my blood I would have to be bound over to the Grand Jury and go to trial to fight the dui. I would have to have $10,000 + to think about fighting it and if I took the plea I'd pay $350 + court cost, pay a couple hundred to install something in my car and I would be able to drive and pay some additional in insurance. I had not been told I would be expected to make a plea agreement on the spot. Looking into costs of pleading guilty, I might be spending the same amount as I would to clear my name. I'd rather clear my name with a jury trial or at least look into if there was anyway I could afford standing up for myself instead of having to plead guilty because I am disabled, money is tight and I have no time to figure out if /,how I could come up with the money.
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Answered on Mar 11th, 2017 at 12:03 PM

If your case was disposed of in General Sessions Court, then you had 10 days starting the day after the disposition to file a notice of appeal. After that, the conviction is final.

If you would like to contact me personally by either phone or email, you may do so as follows: Patrick Johnson, Johnson, Scruggs & Barfield, 95 White Bridge Road, S. 508, Nashville, Tennessee, 37205, email:; Cell: 615-646-9417; Office: 615-352-8326

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