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Can I get the case dismissed, if I can prove that the victim lied in two police reports?

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I have been charged in three different boroughs in NJ. 1) Harassment 2) 4th degree stalking, and disrupting traffic. 3) Violating a court order of no contact with the victim. The stalking charges got downgraded, now back to the municipal court. My lawyer is trying to consolidate all three charges in one court. My lawyer explained that in general, the prosecutor, part of the plea deal, will drop two of the charges, still charges me with one count and a fine not exceeding $500. Based on the discovery, there is no evidence that I violated the court order, when the victim alleged that I showed up at her work place (no cameras) , that I did not block the victim car by blocking her way with my car. In two police reports, the victim denied giving me her home address The victim texted me her home address from her cell phone months ago. If I can prove, (phone history), that the victim lied in the police report that she gave me her home address, will I be able to get the case dismissed
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Answered on Apr 30th, 2013 at 4:27 PM

if you have the proof that you are innocent, you should go to trial and have the judge find you 'not guilty'. i do not believe that the case will be dismissed without a trial. the problem is the cost for the trial.  ed dimon, esq.

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