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can you appeal a judge's decision on a parole violation

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My husband violated probation its his second violation failure to pass a drug test, which was also his first violation. The first violation the judge sentenced him to 30 day and extended his max date. For his second violation the judge sentenced him to serve his entire sentence and was told to get drug treatment. The judge did not allow him to speak and his public defender told the judge he was in treatment which he is not, he did complete the program when he was released from the first violation but can not get back into the program. My husband owns his own business and is a successful businessman. There are mitigating circumstances that i think may have helped him if he was aloud to talk and i dont know how or if there is anything i can to
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Answered on Feb 08th, 2013 at 3:16 PM

Yes the matter cane be appealed.  First I would file for a reconsdieration of sentence.  If this is denied then an appeal can be taken to the Superior Court.  When and where (what county) did this take place?

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