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I have been summons to court for VASAP violation and SC/RVK SUSP SENTENCE. Do I need a lawyer?

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I called VASAP and they told me I was summons pretty much because of a case that happened in 2011 in (Mecklenburg); they said I was found guilty for driving out of my work restriction. However, the court (Mecklenburg) had dismissed that case and they told me last week that they made an error in their system by putting guilty. The case now says it was dismissed instead of guilty. The court (Mecklenburg) said they would send over the information to VASAP. VASAP said they would send over the information to the court I have the summons for (Bedford). However, I called the court today and they said I still have to come to court (Bedford) to prove that it was an error and they haven''t received any papers from anywhere. Should I get a lawyer for this matter? And should I even have to go to court for an error that occurred with another court because now I have to miss a day of work basically for a preliminarily hearing.
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Answered on Apr 02nd, 2012 at 8:53 PM

The bottom line is that once the paperwork gets started in a case, it can only be disposed of by a judge.  If you do not go to court to make sure it gets taken care of, then you run the risk of getting a charge of "failing to appear" to go with the show cause.  As to whether you need an attorney - it depends on whether you have the appropriate paperwork to prove that you weren't convicted and feel comfortable in front of the judge to present it. 

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