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What happens if my probation has been violated?

1 Answers. Asked on Oct 01st, 2017 on Criminal Law - Connecticut
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I've never been in trouble before, so in my original case the said I evaded an accident and let me off with paying restitution, taking a safe driving course, and to not get any moving violations. Last night I was in an accident and just tried to park and see my damage when I got out the car cops met me and said I evaded and took me to jail. My safe driving course has been completed but I haven't paid resititution yet. And I have been let off with a promise to appear in court on the 13th. What will happen to me ? What should I do? Please
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Answered on Oct 11th, 2017 at 11:30 AM

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Do not try to handle this on your own.  I think you should consult ASAP with an attorney who can measure your liability and come up with a plan of action.  You should do this soon. Please feel free to contact my offices for further assistance.

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