Types of Crimes

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What Is a Criminal Conspiracy?
A criminal conspiracy is an agreement to commit a crime combined with some kind of step toward committing the crime. ... READ MORE

What’s the Difference Between Aiding and Abetting and Being an Accessory?
Learn about aiding and abetting, and being an accessory before and after the fact. ... READ MORE

What Is Aiding and Abetting?
Aiding and abetting occurs when someone intentionally helps or encourages another person to commit a crime. ... READ MORE

Can an Act Be Both a Crime and a Tort?
A single event can be both a criminal offense and the basis for a civil lawsuit. ... READ MORE

What is Vandalism?
Vandalism covers a broad variety of unlawful acts relating to destruction or defacement of property—both public and private. State laws and local ordinances that prohibit vandalism may also use the terms graffiti, criminal or malicious mischief, or damage to property to describe the offense. ... READ MORE

What’s the Difference Between Criminal and Civil Law?
Criminal law and civil law differ in several ways. One key distinction is that only criminal cases lead to jail time. ... READ MORE

Receiving or Possessing Stolen Property
Theft and robbery are well-known offenses that involve stealing property. A lesser-known, related offense occurs when another person accepts, conceals, or buys the stolen property. This offense is simply called “receiving or possessing stolen property.” ... READ MORE

What Is Criminal Trespassing?
Criminal trespass occurs when someone enters or stays on someone else’s property without authorization. ... READ MORE

What’s the Difference Between Robbery and Burglary?
Robbery involves both theft and force, while burglary doesn’t have to. ... READ MORE

What Is Burglary?
Burglary is entering a building illegally with the intent to commit a crime while inside. ... READ MORE


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Criminal Law Questions

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PCR motions take time to be heard. If you filed the PCR in September, 2017, you may have to wait a considerable time before the PCR is heard. What are the goals of the PCR ? How are the goals connecte ...Read more

Truth is a defense to both libel and slander. If he had an affair, then the person can comment. I would recommend negotiating a settlement with the woman which is written and sealed. Ed Dimon, Esq. 73 ...Read more

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Can I write my ex, who was my co-defendant, if the case is closed?

Q: Me and my ex caught some serious charges of robbery and burglary. I got a lesser sentence because I did not enter the house. He got sentenced to state prison. Now that the case is closed am I able ... Read more

Criminal investigation?

Q: Two co-workers and myself are under criminal investigation. We work at the local county jail and are accused of purposely causing a laceration to an inmate’s head. We are unsure when the inma ... Read more

Can I be convicted on one person’s word?

Q: I went to store to purchase some items. Some stranger was standing next to me at store. Next day when I went to the same store that random stranger is blaming me for pick pocketing his mobile sayin ... Read more

Will I get arrested for lying about drugs on Facebook messenger?

Q: I was trying to convince someone I was messed up so they would leave me alone so I said I was having sex for heroin. After I blocked the man (from Florida) on Facebook he drove to Green Tree (Pitts ... Read more

Will my son go to jail for simple assault?

Q: Back in March my son who has an anger management issue donkey kicked me down the basement steps and I sustained a fracture of my right heel. It was a very significant fracture necessitating surgery ... Read more

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